Buyer Services

  • Exclusive Representation

Some home buyers ask me why it is important to have a Realtor to represent them exclusively in the home buying process. They may mistakenly believe that if they use the listing agent, that they will be able “to get a better deal.” As a former attorney, this attitude has always puzzled me. None of my law clients ever sought to hire the lawyer of the person who was suing them. Nor would the State Bar allow such an obvious conflict of interest.

For most of us, buying a home will be the single largest purchase we ever make. Why would anyone place their trust in an agent who may not be totally committed to their interests? When you work with me to buy your home, I will act as your exclusive agent.

  • Home Buyer Consultation

This consultation gives us the opportunity to discuss what to expect during the home buying process. I learn what you are looking for in your next home. You will learn what I do when I represent buyers. Most importantly, we will decide whether we want to work together.

  • View Homes

This is the fun part. After the Home Buyer Consultation, I will have a good idea of the type of home you want – neighborhood, size, style, price, and ammenities. I preview homes to make sure they fit your criteria. I can show you any home listed by any realtor with any company or any home listed for sale by owner.

  • Offer and Negotiations

Once you have selected the home you want to own, I will assist you in writing up the offer. I will provide you with a market analysis of the home showing what other buyers are willing to pay for similar properties. It is important to decide, prior to writing the offer, what you are willing to pay for the home and at what terms. This way we can develope a negotiation strategy that attains this goal.

Remember, the ultimate decision regarding the price and terms you are willing to accept is ultimatly yours.