Seller Services

  • Professional House Cleaning

From the moment a property is listed, it is vitally important that it is “parade ready.” The first showings will normally be other Realtors previewing the house for their clients and serious buyers who want a house in your neighborhood. If your house is not in show shape, the parade of Realtors and serious buyers will pass it. That is why I have my crew of professional house cleaners come through your house, at my expense, just before your house comes on the market.

  • Professional Staging

In any market it is important to have your property stand out from the competition. Depending on the level of service you elect, platinum or gold, I will include the cost of my professional stagers as part of my brokerage fee or I will provide them for an initial consultation.

  • Follow-up Program with Prospective Purchasers

I maintain systems for following up and staying in touch with every buyer who tours your property, either with their Realtor or on their own.

  • Personalized Website

Depending on the level of service you elect, I will have a unique website built for your propery that will feature only your property. Your house will not have to compete with the thousands of other listings currently on the market.

  • Oregonian Display Ads

Your property will be advertised to over 400,000 households in our award-winning Sunday Oregonian display ad.

  • Sunday Open House

With your permission, I will hold your property open in order to maximize foot traffic and exposure.

  • Color High-Res Flyers

A full color high-resolution flyer will be created for your property and consistently stocked in your flyer box.

  • Open and Honest Communication

The major complaint most seller have about their Realtor is a lack of communication. I constantly keep my sellers informed of developments that affect the sale of their property.

  • Realtor

You will be represented in your transaction by a Realtor with over 10 years experience and former attorney.